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My first favorite movie, Lawrence of Arabia.

      The movie poster and a picture of the real man.

The movie came out in 1962 it won Oscars and Globes and British Academy Film Awards. There was much to like about the movie even if everyone is still arguing as what is to believed in it. It made me want to find out more about Lawrence and over the years more books come out about this famous British solider. But the movie itself in widescreen is a captivating movie. It is coming out in November here in the US on Blue-ray as a 50th Anniversary collectors edition. The movie digitally restored will run 227 mins, a little longer than the director’s cut of 216 mins.

If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it. Adventure, biographical (maybe not so much) and dramatic.

Cast: Peter O’Toole, Alex Guinness, Omar Sharif, Anthony Quinn, Jose Ferrer, Claude Rains and many more great actors.

Watch it and tell me what you think.


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