Here Comes the Boom: Wasn’t a bomb.

Kevin James plays music on the heart strings with this cute movie. It’s very inspiring. Wish more teacher felt the way his character does. Music is something that we shouldn’t lose in the school system. I happen to see an interview with Kevin James before I saw the movie. I like that they also didn’t want to make a joke of MMA, and adding men like Mark DellaGrotta and Bas Rutten made this even better.
Here is the trailer.

Enjoy the movie.


Three Zombie flicks I do like.

Ok I’ll say it, I’m not a huge fan of Zombie movie, especially fast zombies(it’s just wrong.)
I understand vampires, but zombies still confuse me on some level.
I did happen to like these three movie though. Cause they have humor, a little romance, some horror and Twinkies have been immortalized in one of these flicks.
ShawnShawn of the Dead, OK I will be honest here I like most movies with Simon Pegg and his side kick Nick Frost.
Warm BodieswarmbodiesRomeo and Juliet with a big twist. Just didn’t expect to see John Malkovich in this.
Zombieland zombielandOh the constant search for Twinkies.
Make a day of it. Enjoy.

Lone Ranger….Tonto is his equal!

lone rangerWell if you haven’t seen it you should and make up your own mind. Starring, Armie Hammer(Mirror Mirror), Johnny Depp (Really!), William Fichtner(Drive Angry), Helen Bonham Carter(Dark Shadows). It’s time Tonto had more of a leading roll. I won’t tell you any more of the story but I will say that some of the weird complaints about the movie are just that weird.

Enjoy the movie.