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Three Zombie flicks I do like.

Ok I’ll say it, I’m not a huge fan of Zombie movie, especially fast zombies(it’s just wrong.)
I understand vampires, but zombies still confuse me on some level.
I did happen to like these three movie though. Cause they have humor, a little romance, some horror and Twinkies have been immortalized in one of these flicks.
ShawnShawn of the Dead, OK I will be honest here I like most movies with Simon Pegg and his side kick Nick Frost.
Warm BodieswarmbodiesRomeo and Juliet with a big twist. Just didn’t expect to see John Malkovich in this.
Zombieland zombielandOh the constant search for Twinkies.
Make a day of it. Enjoy.


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BS in Anthropology, BS in History with Religious Studies and Classics as a minor. I'm a tech but I like a number of things. Like golf, fly fishing, movies, music, gardens and photography.

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