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Ghost Rider is my favorite comic book but…..

ghost riderIwas willing to give them the benefit of the doubt when they said we are casting Nicholas Cage as Ghost Rider and Sam Elliot as the Original Ghost Rider. Sam did a great all be it a short job. They really should have made a full length original movie before the Nicholas Cage second generation Ghost Rider. The first one wasn’t horrible really, not the greatest plot but the second one should be burned. I’m sorry like I said I have The Original Ghost Rider on horse back and the first run of the motorcycle and second and specials so yeah I’m a huge fan of Ghost Rider. I liked the Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, etc., someone please fix my favorite character.


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BS in Anthropology, BS in History with Religious Studies and Classics as a minor. I'm a tech but I like a number of things. Like golf, fly fishing, movies, music, gardens and photography.

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