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Two Actors: Dennis Quaid and Clancy Brown!

If your are not aware of these two actors where have you been hiding.
Seriously Dennis Quaid has 77 credits in movies with some of my favorites being,
Vantage Point, DragonHeart, D.O.A., Innerspace and Caveman.
Clancy Brown has 215 credits to his name and my small list of favorites includes,
Highlander, Earth 2, Starship Troopers, Cowboys vs Aliens, Carnivàle.
If you haven’t checked out some of these, find them and then post what you liked.
Enjoy your popcorn!


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BS in Anthropology, BS in History with Religious Studies and Classics as a minor. I'm a tech but I like a number of things. Like golf, fly fishing, movies, music, gardens and photography.

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