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Simon Peg & Nick Frost: Hot Fuzz & The World’s End

hotfuzzHot Fuzz and The World’s End are two funny and connected movies. They are part of what has been termed the Cornetto Trilogy, which Shaun of the Dead is a part of. For those of you that don’t know what a Cornetto is, it’s a waffle cone ice cream. The films revolve around small garden communities and gags about jumping fences. Peoples names in The World’s End have royal last names and in Hot Fuzz have horror connotation last names. If you haven’t seen either of these it is worth watching along with Shaun of the Dead. Drinking and pubs are also part of this fun set of films.worldsend So have some fun, grab a pint of ale, or ice cream and enjoy the trilogy.


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BS in Anthropology, BS in History with Religious Studies and Classics as a minor. I'm a tech but I like a number of things. Like golf, fly fishing, movies, music, gardens and photography.

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