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Young Sherlock Holmes & The Librarian & The Adventurer.

Well if you are a fan of the first two you might like the third, for those of you that haven’t seen any of these here is a little background. Three movies that have some Indiana Jones heart in them.
youngsherlockYoung Sherlock Holmes came out in 1985, this tale shows a different side to Sherlock with adventure and love in a mystery with his very young friend who will become Dr. Watson. Staring Nicholas Rowe and Alan Cox. thelibrarianquestThe Librarian is a series of TV movies staring Noah Wyle and came out in 2000’s. This is a group unlike Indiana Jones that searches for antiquities that may harm the world if it were not for the Librarians who go and find them and put them in a safe place. theadventurerThe Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box, involves the sons of a antiquities agent and an Sherlock/Indiana Jones agent who is after the bad guys. Staring Aneurin Barnard from The White Queen he is one of the sons who searches for his brother who has been taken by the bad guys and helps find the Midas Box. Michael Sheen plays the agent with nine lives. Oddly enough most critics have rate all of these movies about the same. If your young or young at heart you should enjoy all of these. Not big budget but rather entertaining for a quite afternoon.


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