The Great Gatsby 1974 and 2013

thegreatgatsbyTwo movie miles apart in some ways and very familiar in other.
1974 Robert Redford & Mia Farrow, it had memorable music more appropriate for the movie at the time.
2013 Leonardo DiCaprio & Carey Mulligan, although I like this version of the movie, the music didn’t do it for me.
But they are worth watching to understand F. Scott Fitzgerald sad story about love in the 20’s.


If Daniel Craig retires as James Bond maybe Rupert Penry-Jones?

rupert2If you haven’t seen or heard of this dashing British Actor then where have you been hiding. rupert1He has been in a number of good TV series and he is very talented. MI-5, Whitechapel, The 39 Steps and Silk just to name some of his more recent shows. Take a look and see what you think.

The Last Stand & Oblivion, not what I expected.

thelaststandIf you haven’t seen this one with A. Schwarzenegger, Johnny Knoxville and an interesting assorted cast, it’s worth a look, just don’t take it too seriously. It has humor as well as some other surprises that made it good for a late afternoon flick.
oblivionI’ve never been a huge Tom Cruise fan but on occasion he does surprise me. Even thought I found some of this movie predictable and the plot twist I figured out early I did find this to be one of the better Tom Cruise movies. I did like Minority Report and his weird rock star in Rock of Ages. If your not a big fan either you might try one of these and see what you think.