The Oxford Murders and Riddle.

Well if you haven’t heard of either one don’t be shocked.
oxfordmurderThe Oxford Murders stars John Hurt and Elijah Woods, its about a grad student from the US meeting the professor he wants to work with and ends up being involved in a weird series of murders. While I found the twists interesting it is a watch once movie. You may actually figure this one out before the end.
RiddleRiddle stars Elisabeth Harnois, Diora Baird, Bryan Lillis, Ben Bledsoe and Val Kilmer. A girl goes searching for her missing brother. Val doesn’t have a great role in this and really not a big role. Its a horror mystery, the plot wasn’t great this would be an ok movie if you are not paying for it and are having beers and popcorn with friends.
Keep watching!


Supermen….not so super.

superman78supermanreturnsmanofsteellI wasn’t a huge fan of the comics till they got a little darker. The tv show wasn’t bad back in the day. Superman with Christopher Reeves didn’t impress me a whole lot. Superman Returns well that was a little better. Man of Steel now their was a best Superman so far. This has a whole lot more going for it, more plot line for one, but don’t take my word for it you should watch it and see what you think.