A LEGO Brickumentary

legobrickThis movie is fun and inspiring for all age groups. It can get your creative juices motivating around making things with the brick. You find that more adults are into using these bricks for all kinds of things. Great movie to watch on an afternoon when your bored. You might find yourself getting out your old set or borrowing the kids set of brick and making something cool. Enjoy!


Noah and Misery Loves Comedy.

NoahNoah with Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly. I’m not a huge fan of religious movies as a rule but I was impressed with the way in which this story was told. The watchers and their representation intrigued me. The landscape was very much a part of the story as well.
miseryMisery Loves Comedy, directed by Kevin Pollack and with a number of comedians and actors. Noticeably missing is Robin Williams, and you find out why in the end. This piece discusses do you have to be miserable to be funny. It is very interesting to watch and lets you in on what makes some comedians tic.

Dracula Untold, Edge of Tomorrow & Citizen Four.

draculauntoldDracula Untold, staring Luke Evans was a different take on the origins of Dracula. This was well done and very interesting. Luke does an excellent job of playing a prince who cares about his people and is willing to go that extra mile for them.
edgeEdge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise, this movie is another one that will test the limits of your imagination. It contains some funny moments and overall was worth watching.
citizenfourCitizen Four, the story behind Edward Snowden. If you have been under a rock during all this or even watching this all unfold you may not know the whole story. Worth watching.
Enjoy the movies.