From Comedy to Action to Horror/Drama: Change-Up, Avengers & The Raven

thechangeup First up “The Change-Up” this movie is a body switch movie. Remember the three different “Freaky Friday” movies¬† or Vice Versa. Well this one takes the laughs and more to an all new level. Ryan Reynolds plays the jobless (sort 0f) best friend of Jason Bateman who is a lawyer about to make partner. Like with most body switch movies this couldn’t happen at a worse time, which always makes for more laughs. Babies, the wife, the co-worker all get the brunt of this switch. For a lot of laughs and some mild tear jerking moments, catch this switch.

Next up The Avengers. theavengersWell it was time to get them all together, although we should note that Ed Norton is not playing Bruce Banner, instead Mark Ruffalo is Banner. Truthfully he is the right person to replace Norton in the group movie. If you don’t know what brought the whole group together for this film here it is in a nutshell. Loki, Thor’s brother has decided to make his mark on Earth. No only does this movie have great action between all the characters there is some great comedy tucked in this picture. Look for a love peck from the Hulk during the city defense scenes.

Last but not least. The Raven. thereavenStaring John Cusack and Luke Evans. Well this tale takes place during the last week or so of Edgar Allan Poe’s life. If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Poe’s life here is a brief story. He did at the age of 40 from what is still a mystery. He was found in the streets of Baltimore in clothes that were not his own. During his stay in the hospital he keep saying the name “Reynolds.” The movie makes use of the “Reynolds” comment and adds something to the mysterious last week of his life. This movie gives Poe a better end to his life, adding the police in apprehending a criminal who loves Poe’s work. For he takes the way Poe kills some of his characters and uses it in real life. It’s worth seeing if you are a real Poe fan.

Get out you popcorn and enjoy the movies.



Old but interesting Moulin Rouge, 1952.

moulonrouge195osYeah I didn’t realize there was an older movie by the same name. This one is about Toulouse-Lautrec. Now how accurate it is as a historical piece I’m not sure, but the cast is something to see.¬† Jose Ferrer plays Toulouse, Zsa Zsa Gabor is also among the cast of women who interact with Toulouse. Peter Cushing is also in the movie, but what is surprising is the people who don’t get credit who appear in this picture like Christopher Lee.

Even though this tale covers the sad and short life of this artist, I find the performance by Jose Ferrer very compelling. This was an extremely demanding role physically as you will see watching this movie. In a day when it was much more challenging to make yourself shorter than you really are, and no CGI. There is only one seen I could spot where you can tell where he tucked his legs.

Other great movies with Jose Ferrer are Cyrano et d’Artagnan more commonly known as Cyrano de Bergerac for which he received an Academy Award.