Jurassic World & A word about Remakes

juassiceworldJurassic World starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. New genetic engineering is behind the creations at this park and they are still just as dangerous as before. I love this one more than the old ones. It was fascinating to see where they were taking the story. Worth seeing!
Now my take on remakes. With Vacation coming out soon, really Chevy’s not dead yet, come on. A wise man once said Don’t remake good movies, remake bad ones and make them better. I hold with that, but if Hollywood is running out of material I have a book you could do or remake some old black and white movies like: Roman Holiday with Josh Duhamel and Anne Hathaway. People like westerns and there are plenty of old black and white ones to remake.
Think about it and keep watching.


The Oxford Murders and Riddle.

Well if you haven’t heard of either one don’t be shocked.
oxfordmurderThe Oxford Murders stars John Hurt and Elijah Woods, its about a grad student from the US meeting the professor he wants to work with and ends up being involved in a weird series of murders. While I found the twists interesting it is a watch once movie. You may actually figure this one out before the end.
RiddleRiddle stars Elisabeth Harnois, Diora Baird, Bryan Lillis, Ben Bledsoe and Val Kilmer. A girl goes searching for her missing brother. Val doesn’t have a great role in this and really not a big role. Its a horror mystery, the plot wasn’t great this would be an ok movie if you are not paying for it and are having beers and popcorn with friends.
Keep watching!

Simon Peg & Nick Frost: Hot Fuzz & The World’s End

hotfuzzHot Fuzz and The World’s End are two funny and connected movies. They are part of what has been termed the Cornetto Trilogy, which Shaun of the Dead is a part of. For those of you that don’t know what a Cornetto is, it’s a waffle cone ice cream. The films revolve around small garden communities and gags about jumping fences. Peoples names in The World’s End have royal last names and in Hot Fuzz have horror connotation last names. If you haven’t seen either of these it is worth watching along with Shaun of the Dead. Drinking and pubs are also part of this fun set of films.worldsend So have some fun, grab a pint of ale, or ice cream and enjoy the trilogy.

Prometheus ok just saw to many aliens sort of.

promethusFor those of use who have seen every Alien film made, who didn’t see this coming. Ok, I get that this was supposed to stand on it’s own and not exactly be the prequel but, 42 mins into the movie I could see in the environment (building) that it had come full circle with the face of the offspring of Ripley being the top of the building. Other than that I did watch it twice and saw much more in the background that I had missed the first time. Bottom line it’s interesting but wasn’t that impressed.
Give it a try and tell me what you thought.

Three Zombie flicks I do like.

Ok I’ll say it, I’m not a huge fan of Zombie movie, especially fast zombies(it’s just wrong.)
I understand vampires, but zombies still confuse me on some level.
I did happen to like these three movie though. Cause they have humor, a little romance, some horror and Twinkies have been immortalized in one of these flicks.
ShawnShawn of the Dead, OK I will be honest here I like most movies with Simon Pegg and his side kick Nick Frost.
Warm BodieswarmbodiesRomeo and Juliet with a big twist. Just didn’t expect to see John Malkovich in this.
Zombieland zombielandOh the constant search for Twinkies.
Make a day of it. Enjoy.

From Comedy to Action to Horror/Drama: Change-Up, Avengers & The Raven

thechangeup First up “The Change-Up” this movie is a body switch movie. Remember the three different “Freaky Friday” movies  or Vice Versa. Well this one takes the laughs and more to an all new level. Ryan Reynolds plays the jobless (sort 0f) best friend of Jason Bateman who is a lawyer about to make partner. Like with most body switch movies this couldn’t happen at a worse time, which always makes for more laughs. Babies, the wife, the co-worker all get the brunt of this switch. For a lot of laughs and some mild tear jerking moments, catch this switch.

Next up The Avengers. theavengersWell it was time to get them all together, although we should note that Ed Norton is not playing Bruce Banner, instead Mark Ruffalo is Banner. Truthfully he is the right person to replace Norton in the group movie. If you don’t know what brought the whole group together for this film here it is in a nutshell. Loki, Thor’s brother has decided to make his mark on Earth. No only does this movie have great action between all the characters there is some great comedy tucked in this picture. Look for a love peck from the Hulk during the city defense scenes.

Last but not least. The Raven. thereavenStaring John Cusack and Luke Evans. Well this tale takes place during the last week or so of Edgar Allan Poe’s life. If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Poe’s life here is a brief story. He did at the age of 40 from what is still a mystery. He was found in the streets of Baltimore in clothes that were not his own. During his stay in the hospital he keep saying the name “Reynolds.” The movie makes use of the “Reynolds” comment and adds something to the mysterious last week of his life. This movie gives Poe a better end to his life, adding the police in apprehending a criminal who loves Poe’s work. For he takes the way Poe kills some of his characters and uses it in real life. It’s worth seeing if you are a real Poe fan.

Get out you popcorn and enjoy the movies.


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, interesting.

alvampirehunterWell with the new movie by Steven Spielberg is out about Abraham Lincoln I thought I would look at something not quite so historical just for giggles. Oddly enough I found this very entertaining. His dating of Mary Todd, his evening excursions to kill vampires to the final part of the Civil War story.

The thing I did find a little distracting is the fact that Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln) reminds me of a young Liam Neeson in his looks. Which had me thinking back on High Spirits with Liam Neeson.

Now I will have to go see “Lincoln.”

I did like this tongue in cheek look at a well known historical figure.

See if you enjoy it too.

Dolan’s Cadillac, interesting to watch and think on.

DolanscadillacMaybe not the most famous or well received Christian Slater and Wes Bentley movie but this story based on a Stephen King short story and with a nod to a much older story by Poe “The Cask of Amontillado” can be a thought provoking piece to discuss with your friends on a dramatic movie night.

Give it a chance.

Find the philosophical aspects of this thriller.